Tish Shute (Leichliter)

AI, Spatial Computing, Simulations, Games, Research & Development, Technology and Strategy

Research Expertise

Spatial Computing
Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health
Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine


I work at the intersection of design, research, technology, & market to develop innovative products leveraging AI for entertainment, games, robotics, intelligence augmentation, and augmented ecosystems. My work ranges from vision and strategy, to design, prototypes, MVPs, and product. I work with technologies redefining computing, communications & entertainment: AI, DL, ML, LLMs, generative AI, transformers, diffusion models, NeRFs & LERFs, distributed simulations, AR/VR, computer vision, 3D capture, rendering, sensors, photonics, AR/VR eyewear & cloud compute. <br> Recently, I co-developed an open source framework to run interactive intelligent agents for digital twins, simulations, games, & AR/VR, dedicated to making computation more accessible to solve the worlds hardest problems. See https://orbital.foundation/ Currently, I'm focused on generative AI driven simulations. I'm passionate about Cleantech and Life-centered AI and the mission to create a new social collaboration between nature, people, and AI. See https://cognisyn.ai/ As Director of AI/AR/VR, Strategy & Technology Planning, at Futurewei, I was responsible for strategy, planning & development of a full stack of emerging technologies (software & hardware). I developed & communicated strategy & product vision to C-suite executives, recruited teams, seed funded early-stage start-ups, managed PoCs & university partnerships, & worked across research & product teams to take innovations to market. I pioneered work on the grand challenge of taking photonics through a process of miniaturization & integration to enable photons to replace electrons & usher in new era of energy efficient computational abilities. Previously, I worked with Will Wright (Sims, Sim City) at Stupid Fun Club & as Co-Founder at Syntertainment (THRED) developing next generation entertainment & player directed AI agents for reality based simulation games. I've taken a leading role in the emergence of AR/VR & XR into the consumer market. I'm Co-Founder of Augmented World Expo (AWE) https://www.awexr.com/ & I co-founded AugmentedReality.ORG, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing AR/VR/XR. My career in design & technology began with creating visual effects for film/TV & theme park experiences using robotics. For videos & slides of recent talks see linkedin.com/in/tishshute including: The Future of AI Storytelling.. 2023, Augmented Ecosystems, AWE 2023, EclipseCon 2020, Photonics West 2019, Frontiers in Optics & LS, 2018, CAPE (Center for Advanced Photonics, Cambridge U).


XR and The Future of Communications: From Silicon to Human Photonics

Imaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP) / Jan 01, 2017

Shute, T. (2017). XR and The Future of Communications: From Silicon to Human Photonics. Imaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, PcAOP). https://doi.org/10.1364/3d.2017.jtu2a.1


Ph.D ABD, Technology, Media, and Culture / June, 1996

New York, New York, New York, United States of America

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