Bento Montenegro, M.Sc.

PhD Student of quantum computing (IFGW - Encamp)

Research Expertise

Quantum computing
open quantum systems
quantum information
foundations of quantum mechanics


I am a very collaborative PhD student of quantum computing (IFGW-Unicamp). In 2023 I obtained the official certification of quantum developer by IBM training and was recognized by IBM Quantum as a qiskit advocate of Brazil. I have experience in the fields of quantum information science and open quantum systems, as demonstrated in my Master thesis "An alternative approach to open quantum systems". Alongside my supervisors, in 2022 I published the article "Harmonic oscillator kicked by spin measurements" (Phys. Rev. A). I also worked in a 2-years contract as adjunct lecturer of mathematics in Federal University of Pernambuco, one of the best universities of Latin America. My students always acknowledged my ability to communicate and leader groups. I can also program in Python, C and C++.


Harmonic oscillator kicked by spin measurements: A Floquet-like system without a classical analog

Physical Review A / May 06, 2022

Montenegro, B., Bernardes, N. K., & Parisio, F. (2022). Harmonic oscillator kicked by spin measurements: A Floquet-like system without a classical analog. Physical Review A, 105(5).


Federal University of Pernambuco

Master of physics, Physics / March, 2021


Federal University of Pernambuco

Bachelor of physics, Physics / March, 2019



Federal University of Pernambuco

Adjunct lecturer of mathematics / January, 2021January, 2023

Taught calculus and linear algebra to students of engineering and all fields of natural sciences

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