Marcelo Pablo Manucci

Organizational Psychologist, Ph.D. Communication, specialist in Change Management and Organizational Development. International experience, author of 9 books, professor in 12 universities in America, Spain and Germany.

Research Expertise

Human Development
Critical Care Nursing
Economics and Econometrics
Linguistics and Language
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Strategy and Management
Business and International Management
Management of Technology and Innovation
Health Policy


Marcelo Pablo Manucci is a professor, consultant and writer/lecturer. He is a Psychologist, with a Ph.D. in Communication and Post-degree in Cognitive Neurosciences. In recent years he has worked on a research project about emotions in virtual contexts. His professional goal is to generate design patterns to manage the neurobiological filters that define the approach of people to virtual environments of interaction. In the last 5 years, he has worked on multimedia content both for educational platforms and broadcast (academic and journalistic). Marceo has specialized in English-Spanish scientific-technical translation. He have focused in translation, localization, and audio and video production in a variety of business topics. Marcelo is a dedicated and passionate professional who is committed to using his knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world. With his strong background in communication and psychology, he is able to understand and effectively communicate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. He is also a skilled researcher and has published numerous articles and papers in academic journals. Marcelo is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand his knowledge and make a difference in his field.


Incertidumbre, inestabilidad y complejidad

Revista Ciencias de la Complejidad / Jul 21, 2021

Manucci, M. (2021). Incertidumbre, inestabilidad y complejidad. Revista Ciencias de La Complejidad, 2(1), 7–10.

Comunicación, incertidumbre y liderazgo

Contratexto / Jan 01, 2007

Manucci, M. (2007). Comunicación, incertidumbre y liderazgo. Contratexto, 015, 97–115.

How People Come Back to Workplaces During the Pandemic: three dimensions of intervention for new emotional performance conditions

Human Resource Development International / Feb 09, 2021

Manucci, M. (2021). How People Come Back to Workplaces During the Pandemic: three dimensions of intervention for new emotional performance conditions. Human Resource Development International, 24(4), 446–453.

DirCom, estratega de la complejidad : nuevos paradigmas para la Dirección de la Comunicación

Nov 01, 2018

Costa Solà-Senegalés, J. (Ed.). (2018). DirCom, estratega de la complejidad : nuevos paradigmas para la Dirección de la Comunicación. Universitat de València.

Management of Experiences

Management Communication Quarterly / Dec 13, 2015

Manucci, M. (2015). Management of Experiences: A Model for Designing Strategic Linkages. Management Communication Quarterly, 30(2), 249–255.


Universidad del Salvador

Ph.D, Communication / June, 2005

Buenos Aires

Universidad Favaloro

Master, Neuroscience

Buenos Aires

Harvard University

Certificate Higher Education, Education / December, 2020

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Psicólogo, Organizacional



International Profesor

International Lecturer Organizacional Psichology / February, 2003Present

Post-degree courses, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Lima, Bogota, Quito, Mexico

IU International University Of Applied Sciences

Instructional Designer / January, 2020December, 2023

Author/Video producer Organizational Psychology


Project Leader / January, 2020July, 2021

Design and management of virtual training process on "Social Development Innovation & Leadershi""

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