Frank Shu

Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational psychology with several publications and presentations in fields regarding personality, cultural intelligence, expatriate adjustment, and team/social network behavior. .

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Research Expertise

Social Psychology
Sociology and Political Science
Business and International Management
organizational psychology


Over the last decade, I've been a researcher, analyst, and consultant in the field of IO psychology. In doing so, I've worked, researched, and completed my PhD in the hopes of bettering the workplace not just for businesses, but for the employees themselves. I'm very well versed in statistics, analytics, and the application of evidence-backed research to help inform organizational leaders on how best to solve workplace issues.


Corrigendum to “Adaptation and validation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation” [Personality and Individual Differences, 147 (2019), 280–284]

Personality and Individual Differences / Mar 01, 2020

Costa, A. R. L., Jesuíno, A. D. S. A., Lima, N. R. S., & Shu, F. (2020). Corrigendum to “Adaptation and validation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation” [Personality and Individual Differences, 147 (2019), 280–284]. Personality and Individual Differences, 155, 109687.

Social support perceptions, network characteristics, and international student adjustment

International Journal of Intercultural Relations / Jan 01, 2020

Shu, F., Ahmed, S. F., Pickett, M. L., Ayman, R., & McAbee, S. T. (2020). Social support perceptions, network characteristics, and international student adjustment. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 74, 136–148.

Adaptation and validation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation of HEXACO-PI-R to Brazilian sample

Personality and Individual Differences / Sep 01, 2019

Costa, A. R. L., Jesuíno, A. D. S. A., Lima, N. R. de S., & Shu, F. (2019). Adaptation and validation of HEXACO-PI-R to a Brazilian sample adaptation of HEXACO-PI-R to Brazilian sample. Personality and Individual Differences, 147, 280–284.

The HEXACO personality traits, cultural intelligence, and international student adjustment

Personality and Individual Differences / Feb 01, 2017

Shu, F., McAbee, S. T., & Ayman, R. (2017). The HEXACO personality traits, cultural intelligence, and international student adjustment. Personality and Individual Differences, 106, 21–25.


Illinois Institute of Technology

M.S. and Ph.D (ABD) Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Lewis College of Human Sciences

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Pennsylvania State University

B.A. Economics & B.A. Psychology / May, 2012

State College


Illinois Institute of Technology

Adjunct Instructor / August, 2018December, 2023

o Teacher and researcher in the application of psychology in research, work, and life. o Courses: Introduction to Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychology, Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practices, and Organizational Psychology & Behavior

Teaching Assistant / August, 2015June, 2018

o Assisted in course development, instruction, and evaluation. o Lead statistics and analytics course instruction in SPSS and R/Rstudio. o Courses: Leadership Theories, Organizational Psychology, Statistics I, Statistics II, and Research Methods & Practices.

Lockton Companies

Lead Talent & Culture Analyst / August, 2020June, 2022

o Lead analyst and researcher for people analytics projects, managing several teams of analysts, consultants, and subject matter experts (SME). Acted as an SME and consultant to clients on solutions, practices, & vendor options for talent management needs. o Lead survey developer and analyst. Developed national annual survey of employees/managers on HR trends, practices, and the employee experience. o Created insights, dashboards, trend analytics, and data driven solutions for HR/business leaders. o Organized and facilitated professional speaking and networking events across the country. o Engaged in quantitative/qualitative research and data analysis into organizational development, effectiveness, and workforce management. o Designed and executed surveys for market research, DEI, and employee experience programs.

Center for Research & Service

Behavioral Assessor / February, 2017May, 2020

o Behavioral assessor for high stakes assessment center candidates. Provided performance feedback, coaching, and evaluation of incoming candidates.

Supervisor & Training Coordinator / October, 2018March, 2019

o Developed and implemented on-boarding and training for the implementation of dozens of standardized tests, procedural guidelines, and safety procedures. o Developed system of evaluating training transfer, performance management, and employee learning & development pathways. o Managed multiple teams during fast-paced and high stakes environments. o Implemented employee listening initiatives through surveys, focus groups, and town halls. Developed custom talent assessments for the purpose of hiring, development, and feedback initiatives.

Associate Consultant (Project Lead) / August, 2016November, 2018

o Developed, managed, and evaluated engagement surveys, performance appraisal systems, selection/assessment tools, and conducted organizational research for various industries & roles. o Developed competency models for succession planning, learning & development, and performance appraisal systems. Created assessment for leadership based on employee listening programs and surveys. o Conducted DEI analytics for multiple clients and implemented organizational practices to monitor and assess DEI perceptions, implementation, and continuously improve DEI through employee listening programs. o Project lead for 60+ employees, implementing testing for over 15,000 students with high stakes selective enrollment tests. Role involved maintaining client relations, ensuring quality of assessment practices, and implementing/creating HR functions (i.e., training, interviewing/onboarding, performance feedback, data analysis, and report/incident management).

Administrative Staff & Examiner / September, 2014March, 2016

o Engaged in test proctoring, data management/analysis, and administering standardized assessments to individual and group test settings. o Evaluated effectiveness of assessments and engaged in validation and continuous improvement initiatives. o Administered surveys to clients and staff to understand and make changes based on the employee experience.

Culture, Health & Emotion Lab (PSU)

Research Assistant / Lab Supervisor / March, 2013May, 2014

o Lab supervision, candidate scheduling, and equipment management for wide range of research studies. Duties include grant writing/editing, coordinating researchers, and data analysis.

Management & Organizations Department, Smeal College of Business, Penn State University

Research Assistant / Lab Supervisor / December, 2012March, 2013

o Designed, piloted, and supervised lab implementing studies of organizational and managerial behaviors. Duties also included project coordination, scheduling, data management, data analysis, and report writing. o Validated psychometric properties of assessments tools and effectiveness in application during real-world hiring scenarios.

Leadership & Innovation Lab, Psychology Department, Penn State University

Research Assistant / January, 2011May, 2012

o Duties included lab supervision, candidate interviewing, thematic data coding, transcriptions, data management and analysis. Topics of research include training, leadership KPIs, start-up KPIs, and investigating the role of management/supervisors for employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder. o Helped create and validate the effectiveness of new candidate assessments in organizational research contexts.

EB Jacobs

Project Worker (Assessment Center) / August, 2011December, 2011

o Helped develop and implement assessment center at major national bank used in selection, promotion, and performance management practices. o Created assessment procedures and performance feedback recommendations.

Human Resource Development Center

HR Intern / May, 2011August, 2011

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