Sheila Monfared, Ph.D.

Specialist in Psychology, Human Factors, and Social Engineering: Delivering Impactful Research Solutions in academia and Industry

Research Expertise

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Applied Psychology
Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
Endocrine and Autonomic Systems
Developmental Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuropsychology and Physiological Psychology
Biological Psychiatry
Sensory Systems


Sheila Monfared, Ph.D. is a seasoned researcher and consultant with specialized expertise in human factors and sports psychology. Her advanced degrees in Sports Psychology from Florida State University and Human Factors from Georgia Institute of Technology equip her with a unique skill set that bridges the gap between technology and human performance. Sheila's Master of Science in Kinesiology from Tehran University further complements her holistic approach to enhancing performance and mental health. In her professional career, Sheila has excelled in roles such as Strategic Planning Consultant at Saddleback College and Research Scientist at Innisghtful, focusing on research and interface design. Her extensive research experience in cognitive ergonomics and human-computer interaction allows her to provide tailored solutions to individuals and organizations. Sheila's passion lies in using her diverse knowledge to drive success and innovation. Whether optimizing sports performance or enhancing user experience, she is dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential.


A Bio-Physio-Psychological Investigation of Athletes’ Burnout

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport / Feb 28, 2020

Monfared, S. S., Lebeau, J.-C., Mason, J., Cho, S. K., Basevitch, I., Perry, I., Baur, D. A., & Tenenbaum, G. (2020). A Bio-Physio-Psychological Investigation of Athletes’ Burnout. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 92(1), 189–198.

Anticipation in Sharp Shooting: Cognitive Structures in Detecting Performance Errors

Psychology of Sport and Exercise / Nov 01, 2019

Monfared, S. S., Tenenbaum, G., & Folstein, J. R. (2019). Anticipation in Sharp Shooting: Cognitive Structures in Detecting Performance Errors. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 45, 101555.

Allocation of Attention to Visual and Nonvisual Perceptual Channels by Marksmen During Aiming: Skill-Level Differences

Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology / Dec 01, 2019

Monfared, S. S., Tenenbaum, G., Folstein, J. R., & Ericsson, K. A. (2019). Allocation of Attention to Visual and Nonvisual Perceptual Channels by Marksmen During Aiming: Skill-Level Differences. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 41(6), 386–400.

The effect of category learning on visual attention and visual representation

Psychophysiology / Aug 04, 2017

Folstein, J. R., Monfared, S. S., & Maravel, T. (2017). The effect of category learning on visual attention and visual representation. Psychophysiology, 54(12), 1855–1871. Portico.

Isolation of ventral stream EEG sources using Steady State EEG and Independent Components Analysis

Journal of Vision / Sep 01, 2015

Sanati Monfared, S., Milligan, S., & Folstein, J. (2015). Isolation of ventral stream EEG sources using Steady State EEG and Independent Components Analysis. Journal of Vision, 15(12), 613.

Mental Skill Evaluations of Elite French Athletes

PsycEXTRA Dataset / Jan 01, 2007

Bernier, M., & Fournier, J. (2007). Mental Skill Evaluations of Elite French Athletes: (548052012-113) [dataset]. In PsycEXTRA Dataset. American Psychological Association (APA).


Georgia Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral, Human Factors / August, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

Florida State University

Sports Psychology / January, 2018

Tallahassee, Florida, United States of America

Tehran University

Master of Science, Kinesiology



Saddleback College

Strategic Planning Consultant / November, 2023Present

● An Advisory Board Member, contributing to strategic planning at Academic Center of Excellence – Cyber Defense. ● Facilitate collaborations with academic and industry partners, relying on effective communication and skills. ● Collaborate in writing grant proposals to acquire funding for cyber competitions, and internships. ● Built a women club at the intersection of leadership and cybersecurity to fill the gender gap disparity. ● Oversee the lifecycle of students' projects from inception (topic selection) to culmination (final submission) by setting and managing expectations, tracking progress, and ensuring adherence to academic standards.


Research Scientist / July, 2020September, 2023

● Recruited for expertise in research and collaborated with a cross-functional team of 6 engineers to validate an AI-driven wristband enhancing mental health self-awareness by Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Linguistic Processing (NLP), contributing to the product's key feature. ● Ensured project compliance with IRB, HIPAA, and FDA guidelines for 2 projects, mitigating regulatory risks and aligning with industry standards for each. ● Collaborated with the CEO and 2 other scientists to co-author a $500K grant proposal from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

TD Bank

Senior Research Analyst / October, 2021December, 2022

● Worked as a Senior Design Analyst in an Agile team, driving product development of COF (card on file) from conceptualization to release, including managing project closure activities and gathering lessons learned for continuous improvement. ● Applied human factors expertise to evaluate and refine designs from a customer perspective, providing design insights to a cross-functional team of 13 experts. ● Assisted in holding a workshop with stakeholders to gather expectations translating into design requirements. ● Designed and executed complex survey using Qualtrics, to gather insights from 1800 customers for new feature implementation, aiding in informed decision-making for the Agile team.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Researcher and Research Manager / January, 2019August, 2020

● Built and managed a research program called Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP), for the School of Psychology, enabling hands-on research opportunities for engineering and IT students across the campus. ● Managed and formed a team of 14 cross-functional engineering students out of 19 applicants. ● Secured $100K funding to equip the lab with hardware and software needed for the projects, successfully negotiated with vendors and facilitated training for team members. ● Streamlined operations via the development of 5 SOPs and workflows for standardized procedures. ● Established daily and bi-weekly meetings to facilitate feedback and ensure timely completion of milestones. ● Managed risks by overseeing product validation through 3 Agile sprints, ensuring both safety and efficiency. ● Demonstrated expertise in change management by developing a strategy for maintaining continuity and adhering to deadlines regardless of COVID-19 restrictions and challenges.

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