Michael Thate

Design Thinker, Ethical Philosopher, and Communication Strategist

Princeton , New Jersey, United States of America


The focus of my research concerns the coordination of higher-order purpose, brand, and work-place experience with the whole human in mind. I have lived and worked in 30+ countries, and supported iconic multinational brands in such endeavors. I am also engaged in questions of ethical responsibility, awareness, and trust in corporate life.


Durham University

Ph.D., Religious Studies / June, 2013


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Certificate, Mastering Design Thinking / September, 2020

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

Northwestern University

MLS, STEM Industry Compliance

Evanston, Illinois, United States of America


Princeton University

Associate Research Scholar // Lecturer

Harvard Divinity School

Visiting Fellow (Time and Technology)

Yale University

Visiting Research Associate

Tübingen University

Humboldt Fellow

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