Cassondra Brayfield, Ph.D

Freshly minted doctor of Material Science and Engineering with industry and lean six sigma experience looking for a role in research and development innovating battery technology.

Plantsville, CT, Connecticut, United States of America

Research Expertise

Alternative Fuels
Battery Technology
Energy Harvesting and Storage


I have waited my whole life to write a cover letter like this. I have reached a time in my life where I feel I can suddenly see my path illuminate and the future course of my career come into focus. Since beginning my career working on a Material Science and Engineering Bachelor’s degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), I felt that I have been getting a sense for what areas in the field of materials engineering are important, which I am interested in, which are progressing excitingly, and which could use more focus. I have worked on many different projects and materials throughout my diverse career including engineering phosphors for use in lighting applications, a 3.5-year stint at Intel, working as a yield engineer for the production of a wide variety of semiconductor chip technologies, and a brief time as a fractography intern for Corning glass. It was not, however, until I worked with a little battery startup called BESS Tech in upstate New York that I really felt my career click into place. Hired as the fifth employee of a nascent battery-tech startup, I was, like everyone else, wearing a lot of hats. While the premise of the project seemed simple; test new anode morphologies to ascertain if performance can be improved, it sent me on many little journeys such as learning to chemically vapor deposit thin films, building coin cells in a glovebox, and analyzing cycle, efficiency, capacity, charge time and lifetime. This also led me to have the life-changing realization that the improvements we were observing in the data could have an incredible ripple effect of worldwide improved energy and environmental impact. This was when I decided I would get a PhD and dedicate the rest of my career to tackling the energy storage crisis that our planet finds itself in. At the University of California, Davis I once again furthered my education in Material Science and Engineering and focused my research on electrochemistry for energy harvesting and storage. Though, during my degree, I was not building battery cells per say, I *was* using three-electrode systems to either produce alternative fuels like hydrogen gas or liquid formate in the presence of an iron-based catalyst or to electrochemically deposit antimony selenide films onto a substrate for use as the absorber layer in PV solar cell devices. As I worked to perfect these electrochemical bench-top sized experiments, I kept in mind how these systems would scale up. I felt that the technology can be incredibly promising as small lab-sized batches, but it won’t make a difference to the public if it can’t be elegantly scaled-up to commercial manufacturing scale. Even at the academic lab scale, I utilized the lean six sigma yellow belt training I received at Corning and Intel to optimize my processes to save time, resources, waste, etc. I have developed a skill for optimizing systems as a whole and I use these tools to better my everyday life. With my newly acquired PhD knowledge and credentials I hope to spend the next 10 to 30 years of my career working toward greener, cleaner battery technologies. I believe that new battery and energy storage capabilities in general hold the secret to healing our environment and utilizing the incredible amounts of solar and wind energy that we have become so good at harvesting. I hope to experiment on and perhaps invent novel energy storage solutions such as easier-to-recycle batteries with longer lifetimes, greater capacity, and greener manufacturing methods because I believe that it is the best way to use my material science talent and passion to help the greatest amount of people. I hope that my passions align well with the goals of your company and that together we might truly leave a positive impact on the market, society, and the environment overall. We have the ability to save the planet and I would like to help. Sincerely, Dr. Cassondra Brayfield *Material Science and Engineering*            *[[email protected]                            ](mailto:[email protected])* *(860) 620-7042*


Phase Transition across Anisotropic NbS3 and Direct Gap Semiconductor TiS3 at Nominal Titanium Alloying Limit

Advanced Materials / Mar 13, 2020

Wu, K., Blei, M., Chen, B., Liu, L., Cai, H., Brayfield, C., Wright, D., Zhuang, H., & Tongay, S. (2020). Phase Transition across Anisotropic NbS3 and Direct Gap Semiconductor TiS3 at Nominal Titanium Alloying Limit. Advanced Materials, 32(17). Portico.

The synthesis of competing phase GeSe and GeSe2 2D layered materials

RSC Advances / Jan 01, 2020

Yumigeta, K., Brayfield, C., Cai, H., Hajra, D., Blei, M., Yang, S., Shen, Y., & Tongay, S. (2020). The synthesis of competing phase GeSe and GeSe2 2D layered materials. RSC Advances, 10(63), 38227–38232.


University of California, Davis

PhD, Material Science and Engineering / September, 2023

Davis, California, United States of America

Arizona State University

M.S., Material Science and Engineering / May, 2030 (anticipated)

Tempe, Arizona, United States of America

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S., Material Science and Engineering / May, 2015

Troy, New York, United States of America


Intel Corp

Yield Engineer and Metrology Tool Owner / March, 2016July, 2019

Yield Engineer and Metrology Tool Owner: R&D Engineer for Substrate Packaging Technology  Identified root cause of leading defect signatures (optical, SEM/EDS, calipers, interviews)  Recipe creation, management. and troubleshooting for several metrology tools  Created technical DOEs, BKMs, tool specifications, and statistical analyses (in JMP)  Saved enormous costs using Lean 6 across Client, Server, and Low-Cost product platforms

Corning Incorporated

Fractography Intern / June, 2015August, 2015

Research Intern: Characterization Science - Failure Mode Analysis Lab, Fractography  Designed and executed Stress Wave Fractography experiments to measure crack growth  Published novel equation describing crack propagation for a variety of glass compositions  Side project: invented and filed disclosure for new innovative glass composition

Smart Lighting ERC

Research Intern / May, 2014June, 2015

Research Intern  Developed experimental phosphor coating to produce multiphase full-spectra LEDs  Achieved CRI of 90-98 in color temperatures of 4000-6000K (Artificial Sunlight)  Gained a working understanding of Color Science and Spectrophotometry

BESS Tech: Battery Energy Storage Systems Technology

Battery Research Intern / April, 2014November, 2014

Battery Research Intern  Doubled battery lifetime by optimizing deposition of NiSi2 surface of battery anodes  Assembled batteries in vacuum glovebox environment for performance testing  Utilized Arbin tests, SEM imaging, Raman spectroscopy, and XRD for analysis

University of California, Davis

PhD Candidate and Researcher of Material Science and Engineering / August, 2019September, 2023

Electrochemical Methods for Deposition of Sb2Se3 Nanoparticles for Photovoltaics Solar Cell Assembly Production, Davis CA  Treatment of FTO glass and Mo foil substrates for PV layer electrodeposition  Deposited and characterized Sb2Se3 films via CV and Controlled Potential Electrolysis  SEM, EDS, XRD, UV-VIS, Surface Photovoltage tests for compositional and morphological analysis Engineering the Second Coordination Sphere of Iron Organometallic Catalysts for Facile Alternative Fuel Production, Davis CA  Synthesized catalytic clusters and ligand additives  Characterized catalyst via Cyclic Voltammetry, Controlled Potential Electrolysis, etc.  NMR, IR, IR-SEC for catalyst and ligand characterization

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