Work with thought leaders and academic experts in Developmental and Educational Psychology

Companies can benefit from working with experts in Developmental and Educational Psychology in several ways. These professionals can provide valuable insights into human behavior, helping companies understand their target audience and develop effective marketing strategies. They can also assist in designing and implementing educational programs and interventions to enhance learning outcomes. Additionally, Developmental and Educational Psychology experts can contribute to the development of innovative educational technologies and tools. Their expertise can help companies create products and services that cater to the unique needs of learners. By collaborating with these experts, companies can gain a competitive edge in the market and make a positive impact on education.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Developmental and Educational Psychology include Chandra Orrill, Kimberly Fairchild, Dr. Katherine Thompson, Ph.D., Joel T. Nadler, and Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair.

Joel T. Nadler

Bloomfield , Indiana, United States of America
Former Professor of Psychology, SIUE: Senior Consultant PDRI
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Developmental and Educational Psychology
Other Research Expertise (19)
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Gender Studies
Social Psychology
Business and International Management
Strategy and Management
And 14 more
Joel T. Nadler is Senior Consultant at PDRI and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Indiana. He was a formerly at Aon Assessment Solutions and a Professor of I/O psychology at SIUE. Dr. Nadler has taught classes including Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Development, Employee Selection, Test and Measures, graduate and undergraduate Research Design and Statistics, Social Psychology, Group Dynamics, Organizational Behavior, and Psychology of Gender. ​ Dr. Nadler has in the past actively worked as an independent consultant and as a co-founder of AOA Consulting and has consulted with organizations on areas such as assessment validation, organizational climate and culture, survey development, performance appraisal, program evaluation, needs assessment, organizational change and development, and study design and methodology. Dr. Nadler research interests include gender bias in selection and performance appraisal, sexual harassment, organizational attractiveness, adverse impact (EEO law), and assessing inclusive diversity practices.  Additionally, Dr. Nadler has expertise in advanced measurement, design and statistical techniques. His research has been published in journals such as Industrial Organizational Psychology: *Perspectives on Science and Practice, Sex Roles, Social Issues and Policy Review,  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, American Journal of Evaluation, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.*   Dr. Nadler enjoys cycling, traveling, horseback riding, motorcycling, music, science fiction, and collecting bourbon and scotch when he is not busy consulting and conducting research.

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Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America
Research Professor overseeing multiple applied research grants with experience in wide array of topics (e.g., destructive leadership, interdisciplinary teams, DEIA)
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Developmental and Educational Psychology
Other Research Expertise (12)
Health (social science)
Pathology and Forensic Medicine
Social Psychology
Gender Studies
And 7 more
Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair is a highly educated and experienced psychologist with a passion for understanding human behavior and relationships. She received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2004, after completing a triple major at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1996. Throughout her career, Dr. Sinclair has held various academic positions, including Research Professor at Louisiana State University and tenured Associate Professor at Mississippi State University. She has also served as a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University, where she conducted research on human-computer interaction. Dr. Sinclair's research interests are broad. She applies the scientific method to help make the world a better place. She maintains a successful research portfolio exceeding $160 million in funding including being a part of a team to receive the biggest NSF grant in history to improve collaborations between industry and academia to shape the future of energy. She has published numerous articles and has been invited to present her research around the world. In addition to her academic work, Dr. Sinclair is also a sought-after consultant and speaker, providing expertise on topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, and relationship building. She is known for her engaging and dynamic presentations (see TED talk), which draw upon her extensive research and personal experiences. Dr. Sinclair is committed to using her knowledge and expertise to help individuals and organizations tacke the problems of today to make for a better tomorrow. With her impressive education and experience, she continues to make significant contributions to the field of psychology and the understanding of human behavior.

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Example Developmental and Educational Psychology projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Developmental and Educational Psychology?

Designing Effective Learning Programs

A company in the e-learning industry can collaborate with a Developmental and Educational Psychology expert to design effective learning programs. The expert can conduct research on learning strategies, cognitive development, and motivation to create personalized and engaging learning experiences for users.

Improving User Experience in Educational Apps

A mobile app development company can benefit from working with a Developmental and Educational Psychology expert to improve the user experience in educational apps. The expert can provide insights into user behavior, attention span, and cognitive load to optimize app design and enhance learning outcomes.

Developing Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

A publishing company specializing in educational materials can collaborate with a Developmental and Educational Psychology expert to develop a social-emotional learning curriculum. The expert can contribute knowledge on child development, emotional intelligence, and social skills to create comprehensive and evidence-based curriculum materials.

Creating Inclusive Education Policies

A consulting firm focused on education policy can work with a Developmental and Educational Psychology expert to create inclusive education policies. The expert can provide insights into diverse learning needs, inclusive teaching practices, and assessment strategies to ensure equitable access to education for all students.

Designing Gamified Learning Experiences

A game development company can collaborate with a Developmental and Educational Psychology expert to design gamified learning experiences. The expert can apply principles of motivation, engagement, and skill development to create educational games that are both entertaining and effective in promoting learning.