Work with thought leaders and academic experts in energy

Companies can benefit from working with energy experts in various ways. These experts can provide valuable insights and solutions to improve energy efficiency, develop sustainable practices, and implement renewable energy technologies. They can also help companies navigate complex energy regulations, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize energy management strategies. Additionally, energy researchers can assist in the development of innovative products and technologies, conduct feasibility studies, and provide expert advice on energy-related projects. Collaborating with academic researchers in the field of energy can give companies a competitive edge, enhance their reputation as sustainability leaders, and contribute to a greener future.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in energy include Michael Hickner, Keisha Walters, Jim Samuel, Ryan Howell, Martin Brauch, Samiul Amin, Dr. James C. Kaufman, Diego Bestel, Kendra Dupuy, Hanna Breetz, Christophe Schinckus, and Bernd Stahl.

Samiul Amin

Professor of Practice at University of Miami Professor of Practice and Director ECAP at University of Miami with expertise in Formulation Design, Rheology, Biosurfactants, Biopolymers and Materials Science.
Research Expertise (38)
Complex Fluids
Protein Aggregation
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
And 33 more
With over 22 years of industry and academic experience in SoftMatter, colloids, and complex fluids, I am a Professor of Practice and Director of the Engineering Corporate Affiliate Program (ECAP) at the University of Miami. My mission is to bridge the gap between engineering education/research and industry needs, and to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students and faculty. I am also co-founder of FastFormulator a Formulation Design Lab developing novel sustainable formulations for a wide range of industries utilizing an integrated approach of High THroughput FOrmulation Automation/Advanced CHaracterization/AI-ML and based on deep colloid science/complex fluids insights. <br> As a leading researcher and consultant in formulation design and performance optimization of consumer, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and homecare products, I collaborate with multiple global companies and organizations to develop novel and sustainable solutions based on high throughput formulation, AI/ML, advanced characterization and novel sustainable materials. I also teach courses in polymers, surfactants, emulsions, rheology, tribology, and innovation management, and chair international conferences in my field of expertise. I am passionate about advancing the science and engineering of complex fluids and cosmetics, and sharing my knowledge and insights with the next generation of engineers and innovators.

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Dr. James C. Kaufman

Professor at University of Connecticut, Expert in Creativity
Research Expertise (43)
And 38 more
James C. Kaufman is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. He has written or edited more than 50 books. These include: the recently published *The Creativity Advantage* (Cambridge); the forthcoming *Lessons in Creativity from Musical Theatre Characters* (with Dana P. Rowe; Routledge); two editions of *Cambridge Handbook of Creativity* (with Robert J. Sternberg) and five other Cambridge Handbooks; two editions of *Creativity 101* (Springer); and a book on terrible baseball pitchers with his father and a book on pseudoscience with his wife. James has developed many theories, most notably the Four C’s (with Ron Beghetto). He has developed several self-report measures of creativity and is currently focusing on positive outcomes of creativity. James has won many awards, including Mensa’s research award, the Torrance Award from the National Association for Gifted Children, the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children’s International Creativity Award, and APA’s Berlyne, Arnheim, and Farnsworth awards. He co-founded two major journals, *Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts* and *Psychology of Popular Media Culture* and is the current Senior Associate Editor for *Creativity Research Journal*. He has tested Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s creativity on CNN; written the book and lyrics to the musical *Discovering Magenta* (which played NYC and has a cast album); and appeared onscreen, complete with white lab coat, in the comic book documentary *Independents*.

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Example energy projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on energy?

Energy Efficiency Audit

An energy expert can conduct an audit of a company's energy consumption and identify areas for improvement. This can include recommendations for energy-efficient equipment, lighting upgrades, and behavioral changes to reduce energy waste and lower costs.

Renewable Energy Integration

A researcher can help a company integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, into their operations. This involves assessing the feasibility, designing the system, and optimizing the energy generation and storage.

Sustainability Strategy Development

An energy expert can assist a company in developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This includes setting goals, implementing energy-saving initiatives, tracking progress, and reporting on environmental performance.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

A researcher can conduct a carbon footprint analysis to quantify a company's greenhouse gas emissions. This helps identify emission hotspots and develop strategies to reduce carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy adoption.

Energy Policy and Regulation Compliance

An energy expert can help a company navigate complex energy policies and regulations. They can provide guidance on compliance requirements, assist in obtaining permits and certifications, and ensure the company meets energy efficiency standards.