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Companies can benefit from working with Mass Spectrometry experts in various ways. These experts can provide valuable insights and expertise in analyzing complex samples, developing new analytical methods, and improving product quality. They can also help in identifying impurities, detecting contaminants, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, Mass Spectrometry experts can assist in biomarker discovery, drug metabolism studies, and environmental monitoring. Collaborating with these experts can enhance research capabilities, accelerate innovation, and improve overall business performance.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Mass Spectrometry include James N. Alexander IV, Ph.D., Burcu Vitrinel, Ph.D., Satya Avula, Lori Shoemaker, Krista Kaasik, Steven Shuken, and Thilini Perera.

James N. Alexander IV, Ph.D.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Retired - Associate R&D Director at Dow Chemical Co
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Mass Spectrometry
Other Research Expertise (5)
Analytical Chemistry
Separations Science
Complex Problem Solving
Competitive Materials Characterization
Driving Innovation and Excellence in Measurement Science
James N. Alexander IV, Ph.D. is a highly skilled and experienced analytical chemist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Berry College in 1982, followed by a Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry from University of Georgia in 1984. In 1999, he earned his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Uppsala Universitet. After completing his formal education, Dr. Alexander worked as a Scientist at Wyeth before joining Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC as a Distinguished Scientist and Group Leader for Separations and MS. He then moved on to become the Associate R&D Director at Dow Chemical Co. With his vast experience and expertise in the field of analytical chemistry, Dr. Alexander started his own consulting company, JN Alexander Consulting LLC, where he serves as the Principal Consultant. He has a strong track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions for complex analytical challenges, and has contributed to numerous publications and patents in the field. Dr. Alexander is highly respected in the industry and has been recognized for his contributions with several awards and honors. He is also an active member of various professional organizations, and regularly presents at conferences and seminars. In addition to his work in the industry, he is also passionate about mentoring young scientists and has served as a guest lecturer at several universities. Award-winning, analytical scientist with substantial separation science, mass spectrometry, and technical leadership experience, with expertise in the characterization of electronic materials, emulsion polymers, and surfactants. Highly innovative and innate skill in developing new analytical technology, with ongoing connection with industry / market to continually learn and shape future innovations. Detail-oriented and organized, adept at managing and planning large scale projects that meet customer requirements, budget guidelines, and timelines. Highly collaborative and adaptable leader who builds and empowers high-performing teams and creates performance culture through process execution and talent development.

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Example Mass Spectrometry projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Mass Spectrometry?

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

A pharmaceutical company can collaborate with a Mass Spectrometry expert to analyze drug compounds, identify impurities, and assess drug metabolism. This collaboration can help in optimizing drug formulations, improving drug safety, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Food Safety and Quality Control

A food manufacturing company can work with a Mass Spectrometry expert to detect contaminants, analyze food composition, and ensure product quality. This collaboration can help in identifying potential health risks, improving food safety standards, and maintaining customer trust.

Environmental Monitoring

An environmental agency can partner with a Mass Spectrometry expert to analyze air, water, and soil samples for pollutants and toxins. This collaboration can help in assessing environmental impact, identifying sources of contamination, and implementing effective remediation strategies.

Forensic Analysis

Law enforcement agencies can collaborate with Mass Spectrometry experts to analyze forensic samples, such as drugs, DNA, and trace evidence. This collaboration can aid in criminal investigations, provide scientific evidence in court, and contribute to the justice system.

Biomedical Research

Biotech companies and research institutions can work with Mass Spectrometry experts to study biomarkers, protein interactions, and disease mechanisms. This collaboration can lead to the discovery of new diagnostic tools, therapeutic targets, and personalized medicine approaches.