Work with thought leaders and academic experts in polymers

Companies can greatly benefit from collaborating with academic researchers whose expertise is in the field of polymers. These researchers bring a deep understanding of polymer science and can provide valuable insights and solutions to various challenges. Here are some ways companies can collaborate with them: 1. Research and Development: Academic researchers can work closely with companies to develop new polymer materials, formulations, and processes. Their expertise can help companies create innovative products with enhanced properties and performance. 2. Problem-solving: Companies facing specific challenges related to polymers can collaborate with academic researchers to find solutions. Researchers can conduct experiments, analyze data, and provide recommendations to overcome technical hurdles. 3. Testing and Analysis: Academic researchers have access to advanced testing and analysis techniques. Companies can collaborate with them to evaluate the performance, durability, and safety of their polymer-based products. 4. Technology Transfer: Academic researchers often develop new technologies and inventions in the field of polymers. Companies can collaborate with them to license or acquire these technologies, gaining a competitive advantage in the market. 5. Training and Education: Companies can partner with academic researchers to provide training and education programs for their employees. This can help enhance the knowledge and skills of the workforce in polymer science and technology.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in polymers include Keisha Walters, Sarah Hicks, Ph.D., basanti deopura, Mohand Saed, Craig Hawker, Kavan Sheth, Yassine Malajati, Ph.D., MBA, Deepa Kodali, Anagi Balachandra, Shveta Malhotra, and Curt Waltmann.

Example polymers projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on polymers?

Development of Biodegradable Packaging Materials

An academic researcher collaborated with a packaging company to develop biodegradable packaging materials using sustainable polymers. The researcher conducted extensive research on polymer blends and processing techniques to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Improving the Performance of Solar Panels

A solar energy company partnered with an academic researcher to enhance the performance of solar panels. The researcher worked on developing new polymer coatings that improve light absorption and increase energy conversion efficiency.

Designing Lightweight and Strong Composite Materials

An aerospace company collaborated with an academic researcher to design lightweight and strong composite materials for aircraft components. The researcher used advanced polymer matrix systems and fabrication techniques to develop materials with high strength-to-weight ratios.

Optimizing Drug Delivery Systems

A pharmaceutical company worked with an academic researcher to optimize drug delivery systems using polymer-based nanoparticles. The researcher conducted experiments to improve the encapsulation efficiency and controlled release of drugs, leading to more effective treatments.

Developing Flexible Electronics

An electronics company partnered with an academic researcher to develop flexible electronics using polymer-based materials. The researcher focused on designing conductive polymers and flexible substrates to enable the production of bendable and stretchable electronic devices.