Work with thought leaders and academic experts in Medicine (miscellaneous)

Companies can greatly benefit from collaborating with academic researchers in the field of Medicine (miscellaneous). These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can contribute to various aspects of a company's operations. They can provide valuable insights for product development, conduct clinical trials, offer consulting services, contribute to research and innovation, and help establish credibility and trust in the medical industry. By partnering with academic researchers, companies can stay at the forefront of medical advancements, enhance their reputation, and drive business growth.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Medicine (miscellaneous) include Samiul Amin, Jacqueline Strenio, and Jamie Hughes, Ph.D..

Samiul Amin

Professor of Practice at University of Miami Professor of Practice and Director ECAP at University of Miami with expertise in Formulation Design, Rheology, Biosurfactants, Biopolymers and Materials Science.
Research Expertise (38)
Complex Fluids
Protein Aggregation
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
And 33 more
With over 22 years of industry and academic experience in SoftMatter, colloids, and complex fluids, I am a Professor of Practice and Director of the Engineering Corporate Affiliate Program (ECAP) at the University of Miami. My mission is to bridge the gap between engineering education/research and industry needs, and to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students and faculty. I am also co-founder of FastFormulator a Formulation Design Lab developing novel sustainable formulations for a wide range of industries utilizing an integrated approach of High THroughput FOrmulation Automation/Advanced CHaracterization/AI-ML and based on deep colloid science/complex fluids insights. <br> As a leading researcher and consultant in formulation design and performance optimization of consumer, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and homecare products, I collaborate with multiple global companies and organizations to develop novel and sustainable solutions based on high throughput formulation, AI/ML, advanced characterization and novel sustainable materials. I also teach courses in polymers, surfactants, emulsions, rheology, tribology, and innovation management, and chair international conferences in my field of expertise. I am passionate about advancing the science and engineering of complex fluids and cosmetics, and sharing my knowledge and insights with the next generation of engineers and innovators.

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Jacqueline Strenio

Economist with expertise in gender and economic pedagogy
Research Expertise (11)
feminist economics
intimate partner violence
health economics
And 6 more
I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Norwich University. My research and teaching interests are in feminist economics, health, public policy, and economic pedagogy. My current research focuses on violence against women and girls, including public space sexual harassment and intimate partner violence. My research emphasizes that such violence not only constrains a person’s capability for life and bodily health but can also result in other significant unfreedoms including deprivation of the capability for economic well-being. Recent publications on these topics have appeared in the journal *Feminist Economics*, the *Handbook of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Across the Lifespan*, and *The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Economics*.   I earned my M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Utah and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I also hold a Higher Education Teaching Specialist (HETS) designation and am committed to implementing more effective, research-backed practices in her classrooms and encouraging diversity in economics education more broadly. I have published on the necessity of plurality and innovation in economics education, with articles on teaching appearing in *The International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education*, *The Review of Political Economy,* and the *Journal of Economics Education*. At Norwich University, I teach Health Economics and Policy, Public Finance, Economics of Race and Gender in the 20th Century, Principles of Microeconomics, and The Structure and Operation of the World Economy.

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Example Medicine (miscellaneous) projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Medicine (miscellaneous)?

Product Development

An academic researcher in Medicine (miscellaneous) can collaborate with a company to develop new medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or treatments. Their expertise can ensure that the products meet industry standards, are safe and effective, and address unmet medical needs.

Clinical Trials

Companies can partner with academic researchers to conduct clinical trials for their medical products. These researchers can design and oversee the trials, collect and analyze data, and provide valuable insights on the efficacy and safety of the products.

Consulting Services

Academic researchers in Medicine (miscellaneous) can offer consulting services to companies, providing expert advice on medical-related matters. They can help with regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and strategic decision-making.

Research and Innovation

Collaborating with academic researchers allows companies to tap into cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of Medicine (miscellaneous). These researchers can contribute to the development of new treatments, diagnostic tools, and medical technologies.

Establishing Credibility and Trust

Working with academic researchers in Medicine (miscellaneous) can help companies establish credibility and trust in the medical industry. Their expertise and affiliation with reputable institutions can enhance the company's reputation and attract customers, investors, and partners.