Work with thought leaders and academic experts in Consumer Behavior

Companies can benefit from working with Consumer Behavior experts in various ways. These experts can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, motivations, and decision-making processes. By understanding consumer behavior, companies can develop more effective marketing strategies, improve product development, and enhance customer satisfaction. Consumer Behavior experts can also help companies identify emerging trends and anticipate changes in consumer behavior, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, these experts can conduct research studies and experiments to test the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strategies. Overall, collaborating with a Consumer Behavior expert can give companies a competitive edge and help them better understand and connect with their target audience.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Consumer Behavior include Madeline Lenhausen, Laura Giurge, Dr. Joachim Scholz, Ryan Howell, Thomai Serdari, Anindya Ghose, Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D., Sridhar Narayanan, and Scott Baker.

Laura Giurge

Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Researcher at the Wellness Research Centre
Research Expertise (11)
Behavioral Neuroscience
Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Applied Psychology
And 6 more
Laura Giurge is an organizational scholar and behavioral scientist. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She earned a Ph.D. in Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam and two cum laude master’s degrees in economics and business and in human resources management from the University of Groningen. Prior to joining LSE, Dr. Giurge was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Cornell University and at London Business School, as well as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School. Her research seeks to make work better and enable all individuals to thrive and achieve their potential. <br> Giurge’s research has been published in top journals such as Organizational Behavioral and Human Decision Processes, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Human Behavior, and The Leadership Quarterly. She also publishes popular press articles in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2020, one of her papers received the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management. At LSE, Dr. Giurge is part of the teaching team for the Executive MSc in Behavioral Science. At LBS, she connects with MBA and Executive MBAs in teaching elective courses on negotiations, well-being, productivity, and the future of work. Dr. Giurge regularly engages in corporate consulting and executive coaching and serve as an academic partner and advisor. Occasionally, she leads interactive and science-backed workshops, lectures, and keynote talks aligned with her expertise. Her most recent talk has been at the University of Cambridge. As a side hobby, Dr. Giurge enjoys creating powerful images that connect us to our planet and inner happiness.

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Dr. Joachim Scholz

Buffalo, New York, United States of America
The world's first Augmented Reality Marketing professor
Research Expertise (1)
I am a marketing professor who specializes in augmented/extended realities, metaverse marketing, brand storytelling, and influencer marketing. I am a public speaker and consultant who helps your brand thrive in today's and tomorrow's new realities. <br> \~ ⨏ \~ <br> MY PASSION is to explore augmented reality’s strategic potential for marketing: I published the first-ever conceptual article on AR marketing, which won Article of the Year award and is one of the most-cited publications about this topic. I have taught AR since 2015 as part of my social media and digital marketing courses at Cal Poly. At Brock University, I developed and teach the world’s first dedicated Augmented Reality Marketing courses for undergraduate as well as MBA students. <br> \~ ⚬ \~ <br> MY RESEARCH combines ethnographic methods with socio-cultural frameworks to cut through the complexities of marketing and consumption: I explore how augmented reality can deepen consumer/brand relationships, how it helps customers feel more competent and autonomous, how Pokémon GO players co-create and transport into hybrid-realities, how managers can deploy AR initiatives, and how various types of augmented realities offer different strategic opportunities for brands. My social media research explores how marketers can build their brands in today’s polarized and tribal societies by fighting back against online critics. <br> \~ × \~ <br> I LOVE building bridges between academia and the broader business community: I'm a member of Adweek's Academic Council and serve on the advisory board of Schulich’s Future of Marketing Institute. I regularly publish research-driven insights in Adweek, MKTGsquad, and other AR-specific publications. I provide expertise for marketing agencies and consult wine, CPG and technology companies in the US and Canada on branding and augmented reality marketing. I decipher the babel and help people see the big picture. <br> \~ 🦊 \~

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Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D.

Award-winning researcher, teacher and author with a passion for research, teaching and learning.
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Consumer Behavior
Other Research Expertise (29)
Everyday Aesthetics
Affect and Sensory Issues
Economics and Econometrics
And 24 more
[Vanessa Patrick, PhD.]( "") is the Associate Dean for Research, Executive Director of Doctoral Programs (PhD and DBA), a Bauer Professor of Marketing and lead faculty of the Executive Women in Leadership Program at the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston.   She has been recognized with a number of awards for both scholarship and teaching, including the LeRoy and Lucille Melcher Faculty Excellence award from the Bauer College of Business for Research Excellence (2011), Service Excellence (2016) and Teaching Excellence (2018). In 2012, she was named one of the top 50 most productive marketing scholars worldwide by the DocSig of the American Marketing Association. She was appointed as a Fulbright Specialist (2019-24) by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She served in this role by visiting the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia in November 2022.   She is a regular speaker at both academic and practitioner conferences, including the Association of Consumer Research Conference, the Society of Consumer Psychology conference, the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce annual conference, the NAWMBA Annual Gender Diversity Conference and the UH Women of Color Coalition.   She is a prominent scholar in her field and serves on editorial and policy boards of leading academic journals. She is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Marketing. She is the author of a new book The Power of Saying No: The New Science of How to Say No that Puts you in charge of your Life. Visit her at []( "")

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Example Consumer Behavior projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Consumer Behavior?

Market Segmentation Analysis

A Consumer Behavior expert can conduct a market segmentation analysis to identify different groups of consumers with similar characteristics, preferences, and buying behaviors. This analysis can help companies tailor their marketing messages and strategies to effectively target each segment, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Product Development Research

Consumer Behavior experts can assist companies in conducting research to understand consumer needs, preferences, and expectations. This research can guide product development efforts, ensuring that companies create products that meet the demands of their target market. By incorporating consumer insights into the product development process, companies can increase the chances of success and reduce the risk of launching products that fail to resonate with consumers.

Brand Perception Analysis

Consumer Behavior experts can help companies assess and analyze the perception of their brand among consumers. Through surveys, focus groups, and other research methods, these experts can gather valuable feedback and insights on how consumers perceive the company's brand image, values, and messaging. This analysis can help companies identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance their brand perception, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Consumer Decision-Making Process Study

Understanding the consumer decision-making process is crucial for companies to effectively influence consumer behavior. Consumer Behavior experts can conduct studies to analyze the factors that influence consumers' decision-making, such as psychological, social, and cultural factors. This knowledge can help companies design marketing campaigns and strategies that align with consumers' decision-making processes, increasing the likelihood of conversion and customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Consumer Behavior experts can help companies assess and improve customer satisfaction levels. By conducting surveys, interviews, and analyzing customer feedback, these experts can identify areas where companies can enhance their products, services, and overall customer experience. This analysis can lead to increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and improved brand reputation.