Work with thought leaders and academic experts in gender

Companies can benefit from collaborating with academic researchers in the field of gender in several ways. Firstly, these experts can provide valuable insights and research on gender-related issues, helping companies enhance their diversity and inclusion initiatives. Secondly, gender experts can contribute to product development by offering a unique perspective on gender-specific needs and preferences. Additionally, working with gender researchers can help companies gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and market trends. By leveraging the expertise of these researchers, companies can improve their brand reputation, attract a diverse customer base, and drive innovation.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in gender include Jo Boaler, Ariel Kalil, Jenna Drenten, Ph.D., Amanda Mosier, Kathleen Gerson, Jacqueline Strenio, and Megan Harlow.

Jenna Drenten, Ph.D.

Marketing professor with expertise in digital consumer culture, influencer marketing, and media studies
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digital consumer culture
social media
consumer identity
influencer marketing
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
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Dr. Jenna Drenten is an associate professor of marketing in the Quinlan School of Business where she studies *digital consumer culture*: the sociocultural role of social media platforms in everyday consumer life. Her research explains how digital culture—from social media algorithms to the influencer attention economy—structures social and cultural consumption ideologies and how consumers’ lived experiences are mediated, translated, and commodified through digital culture. This includes multiple facets of digital consumer culture—from individual consumer behavior to systemic macro-level structures—across a range of social media platforms. Jenna is an expert in the field of marketing on qualitative social media research methods. Jenna’s work has been published in leading academic journals such as *Journal of Consumer Research*, *Journal of Advertising*, and *New Media & Society*, and her expertise has been featured extensively in media outlets including *The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times,* and *The Washington Post*. For more information, go to []( Jenna serves as an associate editor for the *Journal of Advertising Research*, as the communications chair for GENMAC: Gender, Markets, and Consumers, and as an associate board member for the Chicago Public Library Foundation. In the Quinlan School of Business, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing, integrated marketing communications, social media marketing, and brand storytelling. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Jenna worked in corporate communications at BMW Manufacturing Co. in Greer, SC and worked in special events and marketing at Minyanville Media, Inc., an Emmy-Award winning online financial publishing company in New York City.

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Amanda Mosier

Ph.D. candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with expertise in DEI in the workplace
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Social Psychology
Political Psychology
Prejudice and Discrimination
Sociology and Political Science
Amanda Mosier is a highly educated and experienced professional in the field of psychology, with a focus on industrial/organizational psychology. She received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Cottey College in 2016, followed by a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2019. Currently, Amanda is pursuing her Ph.D. in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology from Indiana University – Indianapolis, with an expected graduation date of summer 2024. She has gained valuable experience in the field through various internships and research assistant positions, including a learning and development analytics internship at OneAmerica Financial and a data science internship at Indiana University - Indianapolis. In addition to her practical experience, Amanda has also served as a lab manager and project manager at Indiana University - Indianapolis, where she gained valuable skills in project management and data analysis. She has also worked as a graduate teaching assistant at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where she honed her skills in teaching and mentoring students. Amanda's passion lies in using her knowledge and skills in psychology to improve organizations and create positive work environments for employees, with a particular emphasis on DEI initiatives and improving outcomes for marginalized groups in the workplace. With her strong educational background and extensive experience, she is well-equipped to make a significant impact in any organization.

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Jacqueline Strenio

Economist with expertise in gender and economic pedagogy
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feminist economics
intimate partner violence
health economics
Economics and Econometrics
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I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Norwich University. My research and teaching interests are in feminist economics, health, public policy, and economic pedagogy. My current research focuses on violence against women and girls, including public space sexual harassment and intimate partner violence. My research emphasizes that such violence not only constrains a person’s capability for life and bodily health but can also result in other significant unfreedoms including deprivation of the capability for economic well-being. Recent publications on these topics have appeared in the journal *Feminist Economics*, the *Handbook of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Across the Lifespan*, and *The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Economics*.   I earned my M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Utah and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I also hold a Higher Education Teaching Specialist (HETS) designation and am committed to implementing more effective, research-backed practices in her classrooms and encouraging diversity in economics education more broadly. I have published on the necessity of plurality and innovation in economics education, with articles on teaching appearing in *The International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education*, *The Review of Political Economy,* and the *Journal of Economics Education*. At Norwich University, I teach Health Economics and Policy, Public Finance, Economics of Race and Gender in the 20th Century, Principles of Microeconomics, and The Structure and Operation of the World Economy.

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Megan Harlow

PhD Candidate George Washington University
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Megan Harlow is a highly educated and experienced academic in the field of English and Media Philosophy. She holds a PhD in English from George Washington University and an ABD PhD in Media Philosophy from European Graduate School. She also has a Masters in Communication from Kansas State University and a Bachelors in Political Science from University of Vermont. In addition to her extensive education, Megan has also gained valuable experience through her various academic roles. She has served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at George Washington University and as an Adjunct Faculty at several institutions, including University of Vermont, Southern New Hampshire University, Eastern Gateway Community College, Castleton University, and Lord Fairfax Community College. Megan has also worked as a Senior Content Editor at European Graduate School and as a Visiting Lecturer at Tampere University. She has also been involved in debate, serving as a Debate Faculty at University of Ljubljana, Debate Coach at Bard College, and Debate Instructor at University of Duhok. With her strong academic background and diverse experience, Megan is a valuable asset to any academic institution or organization. She is dedicated to promoting knowledge and critical thinking through her teaching and research, and is committed to making a positive impact in the academic community.

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Example gender projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on gender?

Developing Inclusive HR Policies

A gender expert can collaborate with a company's HR department to develop inclusive policies that promote gender equality and diversity in the workplace. This can include implementing gender-neutral job descriptions, addressing unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion processes, and creating supportive environments for employees of all genders.

Designing Gender-Inclusive Products

By working with a gender researcher, companies can design products that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of different genders. This can involve conducting user research to understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by different genders, and incorporating these insights into the product design process.

Analyzing Gender Pay Gap

A gender expert can help companies analyze their pay structures and identify any gender pay gaps. By conducting comprehensive pay equity audits, companies can ensure fair compensation practices and address any disparities that may exist.

Developing Gender-Inclusive Marketing Strategies

Gender experts can assist companies in developing marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. They can provide insights into gender-related consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends, helping companies create inclusive and impactful marketing campaigns.

Conducting Workplace Diversity Training

Collaborating with a gender researcher, companies can develop and deliver effective diversity training programs. These programs can educate employees on topics such as unconscious bias, gender stereotypes, and creating inclusive work environments.