Work with thought leaders and academic experts in metals alloys

Companies can greatly benefit from working with academic researchers specializing in Metals and Alloys. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and skills that can contribute to various aspects of a company's operations. Here are some ways companies can collaborate with them: 1. Research and Development: Academic researchers can assist in developing new alloys, improving existing materials, and finding innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges. 2. Quality Control: Experts in Metals and Alloys can help companies ensure the quality and reliability of their products through testing, analysis, and inspection. 3. Process Optimization: Collaborating with researchers can lead to the optimization of manufacturing processes, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved product performance. 4. Material Selection: Academic researchers can provide valuable insights into selecting the right materials for specific applications, considering factors such as strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. 5. Problem Solving: When companies encounter technical issues or failures related to Metals and Alloys, academic researchers can offer expertise and guidance to identify the root causes and develop effective solutions.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in metals alloys include Edohamen Awannegbe. PhD, CMatP, Siddharth Maddali, Xiaolei Wang, Michael Hickner, Tim Osswald, Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D., ZAHRA KHADEMMODARESI, Venu Bandi, Baidurya Bhattacharya, Konstantinos Tsavdaridis, Ratshilumela Steve Dima, and Ruben Del-Rio-Ruiz.

Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D.

Award-winning researcher, teacher and author with a passion for research, teaching and learning.
Research Interests (30)
Everyday Aesthetics
Affect and Sensory Issues
Consumer Behavior
And 25 more
[Vanessa Patrick, PhD.]( "") is the Associate Dean for Research, Executive Director of Doctoral Programs (PhD and DBA), a Bauer Professor of Marketing and lead faculty of the Executive Women in Leadership Program at the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston.   She has been recognized with a number of awards for both scholarship and teaching, including the LeRoy and Lucille Melcher Faculty Excellence award from the Bauer College of Business for Research Excellence (2011), Service Excellence (2016) and Teaching Excellence (2018). In 2012, she was named one of the top 50 most productive marketing scholars worldwide by the DocSig of the American Marketing Association. She was appointed as a Fulbright Specialist (2019-24) by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She served in this role by visiting the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia in November 2022.   She is a regular speaker at both academic and practitioner conferences, including the Association of Consumer Research Conference, the Society of Consumer Psychology conference, the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce annual conference, the NAWMBA Annual Gender Diversity Conference and the UH Women of Color Coalition.   She is a prominent scholar in her field and serves on editorial and policy boards of leading academic journals. She is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Marketing. She is the author of a new book The Power of Saying No: The New Science of How to Say No that Puts you in charge of your Life. Visit her at []( "")

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PhD in Chemical Engineering
Research Interests (14)
Polymer and Membrane Synthesis
Negative Carbon Capture
Waste(water) Treatment
Waste Management and Disposal
Process Chemistry and Technology
And 9 more
PhD in Chemical Engineering with ability to take initiative and ownership of tasks/projects/writing projects. Experienced in synthesis/fabrication of polymer/membranes, electrodes, and custom cell designs for electrodialysis, microbial electrolysis, Donnan dialysis, and fuel cells. Especially skilled in ion exchange membranes synthesis and proficient in using electrospinning apparatus and analysis equipment (e.g., NMR, TGA, DSC, SEM, and FT-IR). Experienced in using membrane-based separations in waste(water) treatment and direct capture of CO2 from the air. Research related to and skills in electrodeposition coating and microbial corrosion control of concrete and metals. Proficiency in MATLAB as a programming language and familiarity with industry process simulation tools (e.g., Aspen Plus and HYSYS). Experienced in preparing a variety of moderately complex process engineering deliverables: PFDs, P&IDs, Equipment Datasheets and Specifications. Assisted in writing and editing white papers, NSF, and other types of proposals for funding to support research efforts and generating reports about projects. Effective communication skills and the motivation to take on challenging work and delivering technical information to a broad range of audiences as evidenced by seven peer-reviewed articles and several conference presentations. Demonstrated leadership ability through teaching at university as an instructor for more than five years and working with interdisciplinary teams at Arizona State University as a postdoctoral research associate for one year.

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Venu Bandi

Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests (26)
Fluorophores Organic synthesis Fluorescence Guided Surgery Organic solar cells Sensors Photo chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Surfaces, Coatings and Films
Materials Chemistry
And 21 more
Venu Bandi is a highly educated and experienced chemist with a passion for research and discovery. He received his Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of North Texas in 2016, where he specialized in synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology. During his time at UNT, Venu published several articles in renowned scientific journals and was recognized for his exceptional research and academic achievements. After completing his Ph.D, Venu continued his research career as a Senior Research Investigator at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, where he focused on developing novel drug delivery systems for cancer treatment. He also worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute, where he gained valuable experience in drug discovery and development. Venu has also worked in the private sector as a Scientist at Syngene International Ltd and as a Research Associate at Avignapharmachem, where he contributed to drug development projects in various therapeutic areas. Prior to his research career, Venu gained practical experience as a Trainee Chemist at bharavi laboratories (p) ltd and as a Quality Control Officer at Asian Paints Ltd. Venu's extensive education and diverse research experience make him a valuable asset in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

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Baidurya Bhattacharya

Computational mechanics, probabilistic risk analysis, statistical inference, Monte Carlo simulations
Research Interests (44)
computational materials science
probabilistic mechanics
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanics of Materials
And 39 more
Baidurya Bhattacharya is a highly accomplished and respected civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field. He was born in Kolkata, India and completed his B.Tech (hons.) in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 1991. He then went on to pursue his PhD in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, which he completed in 1997. After completing his PhD, Bhattacharya started his academic career as a Visiting Professor at the University of Delaware. He then moved on to become an Assistant Professor at the same university, where he taught for several years and mentored numerous students. In 2005, he returned to his alma mater, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, as a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. He has been a valuable member of the faculty and has made significant contributions to the department through his research and teaching. Bhattacharya's research interests lie in the areas of structural engineering, earthquake engineering, and soil dynamics. He has published numerous papers in reputable journals and has also presented his work at various international conferences. His research has been recognized and funded by prestigious organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Aside from his academic career, Bhattacharya is also actively involved in consulting and has worked on various projects in collaboration with government agencies and private firms. He is known for his expertise and has received several awards and honors for his contributions to the field of civil engineering. Bhattacharya is a dedicated educator and mentor, and he continues to inspire and guide young engineers through his teaching and research. His passion for the field and his dedication to his students make him a highly respected figure in the academic community.

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Ruben Del-Rio-Ruiz

New Hampshire
Postdoctoral Scholar at Tufts University, specializing in the 3D design, fabrication, and assembly of biomedical devices, which includes wearable and flexible electronic platforms for communication and passive powering of devices.
Research Interests (22)
Biomedical devices
And 17 more
**Education** Ruben Del-Rio-Ruiz is an electrical engineer specializing in biomedical engineering. He completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the Universidad de Deusto in 2013 and pursued his M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering with a focus on Flexible RF Electronics at the same university, graduating in 2015. Recently, Ruben obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering for the Information Society and Sustainable Development from the University of Deusto in 2021, concentrating on wearable Antennas design and Propagation properties. **Experience** Throughout his academic journey, Ruben has garnered extensive experience in the field of telecommunications, with a specific emphasis on textile planar antenna design and in-body comunications. He has worked as a Research Assistant and a PhD Student at the University of Deusto. Additionally, he served as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Tufts University, where he combined his prior research acumen with the development of biomedical devices for rapid diagnosis and treatment of diseases. More specifically, he has protrotyped a variaty of ingestible devices as a tool to better understand the gut microbiome. **Purpose** Ruben's research is centered on creating innovative and sustainable solutions for biomedical devices. He has disseminated his findings through publications in various peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences. Committed to advancing non-intrusive biomedical devices, their safety, and sustainable development, Ruben is dedicated to utilizing his knowledge and skills for this purpose.

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Example metals alloys projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on metals alloys?

Development of High-Strength Aluminum Alloy for Automotive Industry

An academic researcher collaborated with an automotive company to develop a high-strength aluminum alloy that meets the industry's requirements for lightweight materials with excellent mechanical properties. This alloy enabled the company to reduce the weight of their vehicles, improving fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Optimization of Steel Manufacturing Process

A steel manufacturing company partnered with a research institution to optimize their manufacturing process. Through in-depth analysis and experimentation, the researchers identified key parameters that significantly impact the quality and properties of the steel. The collaboration resulted in improved product consistency and reduced production costs.

Corrosion Resistance Testing for Marine Equipment

A marine equipment manufacturer collaborated with a materials science researcher to conduct corrosion resistance testing on their products. The researcher evaluated various alloys and coatings to identify the most suitable materials for prolonged exposure to saltwater environments. This collaboration ensured the durability and longevity of the company's products.

Development of Heat-Resistant Alloy for Aerospace Applications

An aerospace company partnered with an academic researcher to develop a heat-resistant alloy for use in high-temperature applications. The researcher conducted extensive experiments and simulations to optimize the alloy's composition and microstructure, resulting in a material that can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain its mechanical properties.

Failure Analysis of Metal Components

A manufacturing company sought the expertise of an academic researcher to investigate the failure of metal components in their products. The researcher performed detailed analysis, including microscopy and mechanical testing, to determine the root causes of the failures. This collaboration led to design improvements and enhanced product reliability.