Work with thought leaders and academic experts in Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Companies can greatly benefit from working with experts in Colloid and Surface Chemistry. These researchers have in-depth knowledge and skills in manipulating and controlling the properties of colloids and surfaces. By collaborating with them, companies can enhance their product development processes, improve manufacturing techniques, and solve complex formulation challenges. Colloid and Surface Chemistry experts can provide valuable insights and solutions for industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, paints and coatings, and many more. Their expertise can help optimize formulations, improve stability, enhance product performance, and reduce costs. With their guidance, companies can stay ahead of the competition and achieve innovative and efficient solutions.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Colloid and Surface Chemistry include Mohammad Imran Khan, Keiran Thompson, Edward Elliott, Ph.D., Dr. Fantai Kong, Ph.D., Dr. David Siderovski, Ph.D., Keisha Walters, Michael Hickner, Ammon Posey, Yuan Yang, Samiul Amin, Dr. Raja Mukherjee, Ph.D., Javier O. Morales, and Kamal Al-Malah, Ph.D..

Dr. David Siderovski, Ph.D.

Fort Worth
Professor of Computational Pharmacology; Chair of HSC SBS Dept. of Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Other Research Expertise (26)
Regulator of G protein Signaling (RGS) proteins
Molecular Biology
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Molecular Medicine
And 21 more
Dr. David Siderovski is a renowned scientist and academic, with a career spanning over two decades. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto in 1997, where he specialized in signal transduction and cellular signaling pathways. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Siderovski held various faculty positions at prestigious universities, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, West Virginia University School of Medicine, and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. At these institutions, Dr. Siderovski has made significant contributions to the field of pharmacology through his research on G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and RGS proteins, which are key regulators of GPCR cellular signaling. His work has helped to advance the understanding of RGS proteins and their roles in various diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and neurological disorders. In addition to his research, Dr. Siderovski is also a dedicated educator and mentor. He has taught and mentored numerous undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, and has served as a mentor for postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members. He is known for his passion and enthusiasm for science and his ability to inspire and guide the next generation of scientists. Dr. Siderovski has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the scientific community. He was the recipient of the Abel Award in 2004 from the American Society of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics for his pioneering discoveries of the RGS proteins and the GoLoco motif. He has also served on editorial boards of several scientific journals (including a decade at *J.Biol.Chem.*) and has been a member of various scientific committees, NIH study section panels, and pharma/biotech advisory boards, including for Inspire, Wyeth, and BellBrook Labs. Overall, Dr. David Siderovski is a highly accomplished and respected scientist and educator, whose research has had a significant impact on the field of pharmacology. His dedication and passion for science continue to inspire and influence the next generation of researchers in this field.

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Samiul Amin

Professor of Practice at University of Miami Professor of Practice and Director ECAP at University of Miami with expertise in Formulation Design, Rheology, Biosurfactants, Biopolymers and Materials Science.
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Other Research Expertise (38)
Complex Fluids
Protein Aggregation
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
And 33 more
With over 22 years of industry and academic experience in SoftMatter, colloids, and complex fluids, I am a Professor of Practice and Director of the Engineering Corporate Affiliate Program (ECAP) at the University of Miami. My mission is to bridge the gap between engineering education/research and industry needs, and to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students and faculty. I am also co-founder of FastFormulator a Formulation Design Lab developing novel sustainable formulations for a wide range of industries utilizing an integrated approach of High THroughput FOrmulation Automation/Advanced CHaracterization/AI-ML and based on deep colloid science/complex fluids insights. <br> As a leading researcher and consultant in formulation design and performance optimization of consumer, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and homecare products, I collaborate with multiple global companies and organizations to develop novel and sustainable solutions based on high throughput formulation, AI/ML, advanced characterization and novel sustainable materials. I also teach courses in polymers, surfactants, emulsions, rheology, tribology, and innovation management, and chair international conferences in my field of expertise. I am passionate about advancing the science and engineering of complex fluids and cosmetics, and sharing my knowledge and insights with the next generation of engineers and innovators.

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Dr. Raja Mukherjee, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist at TCGLIFESCIENCES
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Other Research Expertise (11)
Organic synthesis
Chemical Biology
Synthetic Biology
And 6 more
Dr. Raja Mukherjee is a highly accomplished chemist with a strong research background in organic chemistry. He completed his PhD in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2014, where his research focused on the development of new methods for the synthesis of natural products. Following his PhD, he worked as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Alberta and Boston College, where he gained extensive experience in the field of synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology. Currently, Dr. Mukherjee is working as a Senior Research Scientist at TCGLIFESCIENCES, a leading pharmaceutical company. In this role, he leads a team of scientists and oversees projects related to drug discovery and development. He has published numerous research papers in top peer-reviewed journals and has presented his work at international conferences. Dr. Mukherjee's expertise lies in the design and synthesis of novel molecules with medicinal properties. He has a deep understanding of various analytical techniques and has experience in using them to characterize and elucidate the structure of complex molecules. Apart from his research work, Dr. Mukherjee is also passionate about mentoring young scientists and has supervised several graduate and undergraduate students. Overall, Dr. Raja Mukherjee is a dedicated and highly skilled chemist with a proven track record of success in the field of organic chemistry. His passion for research and his commitment to making a positive impact in the world through his work make him a valuable asset to any organization.

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Javier O. Morales

Professor of drug delivery and pharmaceutical product development at University of Chile
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Other Research Expertise (31)
Pharmaceutical Science
Drug Discovery
Agronomy and Crop Science
And 26 more
Javier O. Morales is a highly accomplished and experienced pharmaceutical professional with a strong academic background and extensive practical experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 2006 and the Pharmaceutical Chemist degree in 2008 from the University of Chile. He then went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from The University of Texas at Austin in 2012. Dr. Morales has since worked as an Assistant Professor and later as an Associate Professor at the University of Chile. He has also served as the Director of the Center of New Drugs for Hypertension (CENDHY), where he led a team of researchers in developing new and innovative pharmaceutical treatments for hypertension. Dr. Morales has a strong passion for research and has published numerous articles in international journals and has patented his developed technologies. His expertise in pharmaceuticals, nano and microstructured drug delivery systems, implants, and peptide drug discovery has made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and symposiums around the world. In addition to his academic and research achievements, Dr. Morales is also a dedicated mentor and has supervised and mentored several students in their research projects. He is known for his commitment to excellence and his ability to motivate and inspire others. Overall, Dr. Morales is a highly respected and accomplished pharmaceutical professional with a strong track record of success in academia. His contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences have made a significant impact, and he continues to be a leader in the industry.

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Kamal Al-Malah, Ph.D.

Aspen Plus and MATLAB Expert as Related to Modeling, Simulation, Design, and Economics of Chemical Processes
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Other Research Expertise (36)
Chemical Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Filtration and Separation
And 31 more
Dr. Kamal I.M. Al-Malah, a portable, platform-independent professor of chemical engineering. He holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees all in chemical/biochemical engineering. Dr. Al-Malah graduated from Oregon State University in 1993, and his area of specialty during M.S. and Ph.D. programs dealt with protein interactions and behavior at interfaces in biological systems. He currently researches in the modeling, simulation, and optimization aspects of physical/biophysical systems and characterization of molecular properties within the dome of chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and food engineering. Dr. Al-Malah is a sole book author with renowned publishers as shown below: 1. Al-Malah, K., “Machine and Deep Learning Using MATLAB Algorithms and Tools for Scientists and Engineers”, 1st Edition. Wiley & Sons, Inc. In Press (December, 2023). 2\. Al\-Malah\, K\.\, “Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications”\, 2nd Edition\. Wiley & Sons\, Inc\. October\, 2022\. https://www\.wiley\.com/en\-ae/Aspen\+Plus:\+Chemical\+Engineering\+Applications\,\+2nd\+Edition\-p\-9781119868699 3\. Al\-Malah\, K\.\, “Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications”\, Wiley & Sons\, Inc\. \(http://eu\.wiley\.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd\-1119131235\.html\) 4\. Al\-Malah\, K\.\, “MATLAB®: Numerical Methods with Chemical Engineering Applications”\, McGraw Hill\, Inc\.\, https://www\.accessengineeringlibrary\.com/content/book/9780071831284

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Example Colloid and Surface Chemistry projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Colloid and Surface Chemistry?

Optimizing Drug Delivery Systems

A pharmaceutical company can collaborate with a Colloid and Surface Chemistry expert to optimize drug delivery systems. By understanding the interactions between drugs, carriers, and biological environments, the researcher can design nanoparticles or microparticles that improve drug solubility, stability, and targeted delivery. This collaboration can lead to more effective and efficient drug formulations.

Improving Paint Formulations

A paint manufacturing company can benefit from the expertise of a Colloid and Surface Chemistry researcher to improve their paint formulations. The researcher can analyze the interactions between pigments, binders, and additives to enhance color stability, dispersion, and adhesion properties. This collaboration can result in high-quality paints with improved performance and durability.

Enhancing Personal Care Products

A cosmetics company can collaborate with a Colloid and Surface Chemistry expert to enhance their personal care products. The researcher can optimize the formulation of creams, lotions, and emulsions by studying the interactions between ingredients, surfactants, and emulsifiers. This collaboration can lead to products with improved texture, stability, and sensory attributes.

Developing Food and Beverage Innovations

A food and beverage company can benefit from the expertise of a Colloid and Surface Chemistry researcher to develop innovative products. The researcher can analyze the interactions between ingredients, stabilizers, and emulsifiers to improve texture, shelf life, and sensory attributes. This collaboration can result in new food and beverage formulations that meet consumer demands and preferences.

Optimizing Nanomaterial Synthesis

A materials manufacturing company can collaborate with a Colloid and Surface Chemistry expert to optimize the synthesis of nanomaterials. The researcher can control the size, shape, and surface properties of nanoparticles or nanocomposites to enhance their performance in various applications. This collaboration can lead to the development of advanced materials with improved properties and functionalities.