Work with thought leaders and academic experts in Organizational Psychology

Companies can benefit from working with experts in Organizational Psychology in several ways. These professionals can help improve employee performance, enhance team dynamics, optimize organizational structure, and foster a positive work culture. They can also provide valuable insights into employee motivation, engagement, and well-being. By leveraging their expertise, companies can enhance their recruitment and selection processes, develop effective leadership strategies, and implement successful change management initiatives. Ultimately, collaborating with Organizational Psychology experts can lead to improved organizational performance, increased productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Organizational Psychology include Frank Shu, Yunzi (Rae) Tan, Ph.D., Daniel Shore, Azkaa Safdar, Erin Eatough, PhD, Lori Foster, Sara Murdock, Ph.D., Tariku Ayana Abdi, Ph.D., Mr. Ryan McCreedy, C. Douglas Johnson, Ph.D., and Larry Froman.

Erin Eatough, PhD

Traverse City, MI, Michigan, United States of America
Scientist-practitioner with executive experience in HR, talent optimization, & behavioral science; translating research into practical strategy across academia, government, & private sectors.
Most Relevant Research Expertise
organizational psychology
Other Research Expertise (22)
life and work intersection
Applied Psychology
And 17 more
**Dr. Erin Eatough is the Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of the research and advisory firm Fractional Insights and is an award-winning psychologist, author, and advisor specializing in employee well-being, leadership development, and work-life integration. Her research on workplace thriving has been widely published, with over 30 peer-reviewed academic articles and book contributions to her name.** **Prior to Fractional Insights, Dr. Eatough spearheaded Labs Go-to-Market at BetterUp, where she transformed a wealth of academic and proprietary customer data into actionable insights, commercial assets, productized experiences, and thought leadership, building the foundation for the human transformation category. Her leadership extended beyond data. Her expertise led to the creation of data-driven strategies demonstrating the ROI of people-focused investment. Dr. Eatough authored five impactful industry reports targeted to CHRO and CXO audiences on crucial topics like resilience, inclusivity, connection, future-minded leadership, and coaching culture. Cumulatively, this research formed the cornerstone of BetterUp's go-to-market strategy, establishing them as a thought leader in the space and winning new business.** **Serving as a scientist on loan and consultant, Dr. Eatough's sought-after expertise supports executives across Fortune 500 companies, driving strategic growth and addressing complex human issues. She combines cutting-edge data-driven insights with practical guidance and experience to help companies reshape thinking, processes, and practices for lasting impact.** **Previously, Dr. Eatough served as a professor at the City University of New York, founding the Occupational Health Psychology Laboratory in the IO doctoral program.** **A frequent speaker on large-scale stages, Dr. Eatough evangelizes and demystifies the science of human potential and thriving, both inside and outside the workplace. Featured in Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, and more, her work as an author and scientist earns widespread recognition. She's a regular guest on podcasts and webinars, and was honored to share the stage with luminaries like Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Ferriss, and Liz Wiseman—where her original research on work-life spillover garnered an award from industry leader, Qualtrics.** **Dr. Eatough brings passion for the science and solutions of the work-life intersection. She is a mother, military spouse, and champion for women in leadership and is passionate about the challenges facing the modern working mother.**

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Sara Murdock, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Award winning PhD using research-backed social science methods to solve real world organizational challenges in human capital, social impact, and organizational excellence
Most Relevant Research Expertise
Organizational Psychology
Other Research Expertise (6)
Pay Equity and Economic Inclusion
Inclusive Leadership Development
Social Impact and Cultural Futurism
Human Capital and Employee Lifecycle
Wellbeing, Meditation, and Biofeedback
And 1 more
<br> Dr. Sara Murdock is an award-winning, globally known expert in organizational power dynamics. Dr. Murdock serves as a pioneer in the field of People & Culture, with a focus on building innovation, inclusive Leadership Development, and aligning organizational objectives with actual Impact. She has led initiatives and departments with global organizations, startups, and traditional corporations alike due to her ability to establish respect and rapport in a way that fuels meaningful growth and drives authentic company strategy. Sara cements her mantra, “Change isn’t hard, it’s human” into every thread of her proven methodology, responsible for helping hundreds of organizations set the standard in People, Leadership, and Impact. With a 20+ year track record in catalyzing profound and necessary shifts in how organizations "do business," Sara is frequently sought after as an advisor, speaker, and author in addition to her executive role. Sara’s training includes a Ph.D. in Social Impact, an MA in Organizational Development, a BA in Culture, and Agile coaching Certifications. An award-winning ballroom dancer, in her free time, Sara enjoys partner dancing, traveling, and writing.

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Example Organizational Psychology projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Organizational Psychology?

Improving Employee Engagement

An Organizational Psychology expert can conduct surveys and assessments to measure employee engagement levels and identify areas for improvement. They can then develop strategies to enhance engagement, such as implementing recognition programs, improving communication channels, and fostering a positive work environment.

Optimizing Team Dynamics

By analyzing team dynamics and interpersonal relationships, an Organizational Psychology researcher can identify potential conflicts and barriers to collaboration. They can then design interventions to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance teamwork, leading to more effective and cohesive teams.

Enhancing Leadership Development

Organizational Psychology experts can assess leadership competencies and identify areas for development. They can design and deliver leadership development programs, provide coaching and feedback to leaders, and help organizations build a strong leadership pipeline.

Implementing Change Management

During times of organizational change, an Organizational Psychology researcher can help manage the transition effectively. They can assess the impact of change on employees, develop communication strategies, and provide support to ensure successful implementation and minimize resistance.

Improving Work-Life Balance

Organizational Psychology professionals can help companies create a healthy work-life balance for their employees. They can design policies and programs that promote flexibility, manage workload, and support employee well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced burnout.