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Companies can greatly benefit from working with experts in the field of Physiology (medical). These researchers can provide valuable insights and expertise in areas such as drug development, clinical trials, medical device design, and healthcare innovation. They can help companies improve their understanding of human physiology, develop new treatments and therapies, and enhance the effectiveness of existing products. By collaborating with Physiology (medical) thought leaders, companies can accelerate their research and development processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

Researchers on NotedSource with backgrounds in Physiology (medical) include Dushani L. Palliyaguru, Ph.D., IQRAM HUSSAIN, Ph.D., Aimee Eggler, Luca Delfinis, John M Baust, Ph.D, Elvira Forte, Susan Song, MD/PhD, Karina van de Voorde, Dr. Everson A Nunes, Ph.D., Marie Mooney, PhD, Dr. Barry A. Spiering, Ph.D., and Claudia Colina Prisco Ph.D..


New York City, New York, United States of America
Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University, NY, USA
Research Expertise (33)
Biomedical & Medical Physics
AI (Machine & Deep Learning)
Sleep Medicine
Human Gait & brain
And 28 more
Iqram Hussain works at the Department of Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University, NY, USA. Earlier, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Medical Research Center, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Seoul National University. He pursued a Ph.D. degree in Medical Physics from the University of Science and Technology (UST), South Korea. He worked as a Research Associate with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Daejeon, South Korea. He worked on the Knowledgebase Super Brain (KSB) project at the Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI), Daejeon. He received a B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from the Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh, in 2007. He has ten years of work experience in power plant operation and maintenance and power plant project management. His research interests include wearable sleep monitoring, neuroscience, medical physics, human factors, and ergonomics. He has experience in healthcare research, project management, power plant operation, and maintenance. He is a reviewer in IEEE Access, Sensors, Applied Sciences, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, IEEE Transactions, Science of the Total Environment, Neuroscience Informatics, Brain Sciences, etc. He is a guest editor in special issues of several Journals. Website:

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John M Baust, Ph.D

Ithaca, New York, United States of America
Proven success in delivering best-in-class services across scientific, commercial and education environments.
Research Expertise (17)
Cell Biology
Biomedical Engineering
And 12 more
***Proven success in delivering best-in-class services across highly regulated scientific and commercial environments.*** * Resourceful, dynamic, and future-focused professional; equipped with strategic leadership, business, research, and academic expertise with career excellence in conducting in-depth research, leading multi-faceted R&D projects, and developing new products and treatments. * Dedicated, driven self-starter focused on developing innovative life changing technologies and procedures advancing the areas of cancer treatment, regenerative medicine and cell therapy.   * Substantial experience in providing oversight for medical device development, pre-clinical studies, cancer therapy, stem cell preservation, cell therapy, tissue engineering, and organ transplantation, etc. * Astute at establishing solid relationships with stakeholders and industry leaders to drive innovative ideas and lead collaborative efforts in pursuit of accomplishing long-term milestones. * Successful in delivering interactive academic instruction across higher education settings offering captivating lectures on Biology and Entrepreneurship courses in accordance with the organizational mission. * Accredited with authoring, managing, and executing multi-million dollar grants, corporate contracts * Accomplished author of numerous patents and high profile publications to disseminate essential research findings.

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Elvira Forte

New York, New York, United States of America
Scientific strategist • Senior Scientist • Senior Scientific Editor
Research Expertise (27)
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
And 22 more
Motivated and growth-driven biomedical scientist with over 15 years of experience in the cardiovascular field. Strong background in cell and molecular biology, data analysis, and interpretation. Seeking #newopportunities to deliver value as a Senior Scientist, Associate Principal Scientist, Scientific Liaison, or Scientific Consultant within a company that combines new technologies such as single-cell omics and AI for drug discovery and personalized medicine. <br> Throughout my career, I've used various in vivo and in vitro models to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of fibrosis and inflammation in the heart, and how these mechanisms are affected in mice with different genetic backgrounds. My experience includes project management and mentoring. I completed three projects involving international collaborations, supervised two junior researchers, and taught cellular and molecular techniques to at least six professionals. As one of the launching editors and senior editor at Nature Cardiovascular Research, I oversaw the quality of the content published in the journal and the editorial process. I collaborated with authors, reviewers, and editors to ensure the highest standards of scientific rigor, relevance, and innovation. I also contributed to the journal's vision, strategy, and outreach, promoting the latest advances and discoveries in the cardiovascular and hematology fields. This experience has sharpened my analytical and communication skills and broadened my understanding of the field, covering a wide range of studies, from basic research to clinical, epidemiological, and public health research. My mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of cardiovascular medicine and to bridge the gap between research and clinical applications. Keywords: cardiovascular, #fibrosis, inflammation, cardioimmunology, RNA, single-cell biology, #transcriptomics, imaging, animal models, small animal surgery, and scientific writing.

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Susan Song, MD/PhD

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Research Assistant Professor in Neuroscience at University of Pittsburgh
Research Expertise (16)
white matter
neurodegenerative disease
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
And 11 more
Susan Song, MD/PhD, is a highly accomplished neuroscientist, with extensive education and experience in the field. She received her MD/PhD in Neurology and Neuroscience from Southern Medical University in 2015, where she conducted groundbreaking research on the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. Following this, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, where she continued to excel in her research and received numerous awards and grants for her work. Dr. Song's expertise lies in studying the underlying causes and potential treatments for various neurological diseases, such as ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, glioblastoma, Alzheimer's disease, and multiple sclerosis. She has a deep understanding of the brain and nervous system, and is constantly seeking new ways to unravel the complexities of these diseases. Dr. Song has held several prestigious positions throughout her career, including her current position as Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. She has published numerous articles in top scientific journals and presented her research at international conferences. Her findings have contributed greatly to the field of neurology and have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from neurological disorders. Overall, Dr. Song is a highly respected and accomplished physician-scientist who is making significant contributions to the field of neurology. With her extensive education, diverse experience, and unwavering dedication to her patients, she is a true leader in the field and a valuable asset to the medical community.

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Dr. Everson A Nunes, Ph.D.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Post-Doctoral Fellow at McMaster University | former Associate Professor - Physiological Sciences
Research Expertise (40)
skeletal muscle
physical activity
And 35 more
Dr. Everson A Nunes is a highly accomplished researcher and educator in the field of physiological sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a focus on Physiological Sciences from Universidade Federal do Paraná in 2009, after completing a BSc in Human Nutrition and an MSc in Physiological Sciences. He also holds a specialization in Exercise Physiology and a BSc in Biological Sciences from Universidade Federal do Paraná. Dr. Nunes has a strong background in research, having completed two post-doctoral fellowships at McMaster University and Universidade Federal do Paraná. He has also held positions as an associate professor and assistant professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, and his research focuses on the effects of exercise and nutrition on physiological processes in the human body. In addition to his research, Dr. Nunes is also a dedicated educator. He has taught at various universities in Brazil, including Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Universidade Gama Filho, Faculdades Integradas Espírita, Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná, and Faculdade do Litoral Sul. He is known for his dynamic teaching style and his ability to engage students in complex physiological concepts. Dr. Nunes is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society for Nutrition, the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, the Canadian Nutrition Society and the Brazilian Society of Physiology. He is also a regular speaker at national and international conferences, sharing his expertise and research findings with colleagues and students. Overall, Dr. Nunes is a highly qualified and experienced professional in physiological sciences, metabolism, cancer and nutrition. His dedication to research and education makes him a valuable asset to any institution.

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Example Physiology (medical) projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on Physiology (medical)?

Drug Development

A pharmaceutical company can collaborate with a Physiology (medical) expert to optimize drug development processes. The researcher can provide insights into the physiological mechanisms of diseases, identify potential drug targets, and assist in designing effective clinical trials.

Medical Device Design

A medical device company can work with a Physiology (medical) researcher to develop innovative and user-friendly medical devices. The researcher's expertise in human physiology can help ensure the devices are safe, effective, and compatible with the human body.

Healthcare Innovation

Companies in the healthcare industry can collaborate with Physiology (medical) experts to drive innovation. These researchers can contribute to the development of new diagnostic tools, treatment methods, and healthcare technologies that improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall healthcare system.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports organizations and companies can partner with Physiology (medical) researchers to optimize athletes' performance. The researchers can provide insights into the physiological factors affecting performance, develop personalized training programs, and contribute to the development of performance-enhancing technologies.

Ergonomics and Workplace Health

Companies can collaborate with Physiology (medical) experts to improve workplace ergonomics and employee health. These researchers can assess the physiological impact of work environments, design ergonomic solutions, and provide recommendations to enhance employee well-being and productivity.